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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Drag Attempts #1, #2 & #3

Hey again guys! Hope you're all well wherever you are and thanks again for checking into my blog!

I thought I'd share the progress of my attempts at drag makeup with you all. I've only made a tutorial for one of these looks so I can't state the products used for all. I'll post the direct link to the tutorial for your viewing pleasure!

Attempt #1:
This was inspired by Namaisa Hunswijk, an MUA and YouTube Beauty Guru from the Netherlands. I switched out the colours to tailor it to myself but I didn't really like the "pristine-ness" of it!

I went for the colours orange, purple, blue and white. I wanted a very sharp crease and inner corner as well and this is what came of it. I knew I could do better so I went for a round two.

Attempt #2:
I really tried to make this my own and still tried for something extreme but my "drag hand" wasn't as strong as attempt no.1. My mother said I looked like a barbie doll but it was well received on my Facebook page; a friend actually requested a tutorial.
This one I much more preferred, it was more pristine and the blending was crisp. Imo, everything was on point except for the inner corners, which weren't as graphic as I'd wanted. That aside I really love how this turned out but it wasn't drag enough for me so I went at it again.

Attempt #3:
This was also inspired by Namaisa and a slightly closer representation of the look she did but I tweaked it as per usual to make it my own.

This is the one that I made a successful tutorial for and I really loved how this one turned out as well. It's way more dramatic than the Pink one, required more products and more blending but it turned out lovely! Even down to the purple eye-shadow I used as blush. 

This was a combo of inspiration from Namaisa and an idea I thought of while in the mall with a friend of pairing with blue lip with blue eyes and purple cheeks. I combined the two and VOILA!!! I made a post for this look by itself so check that out and watch the tutorial.

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