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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Arlene Villarule Eye-shadow Review & Swatch

A little background,
"Arlene Villarule is a local MUA in Trinidad & Tobago who has her own makeup line. She has been and worked internationally and has been trained under the Giorgio Armani line of cosmetics. For more info on her and her background and particulars, click HERE!"
As you can see, the packaging is a very simple black housing for a single eye-shadow. The housing snaps shut at the front and the cover is a black sticker with her name and logo in white font. The  shadow inside is removable.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Meh Wanty! ... Wishlist Ep. 1

I think it's only once I've ever voiced the fact that there were certain products I wanted and within a certain time frame, on social media; namely, my Facebook Makeup Page.
I was just going through my Bloglovin feed and saw a Nikkie Tutorials Wishlist post and thought "Why the heck not"?!

So as my very first wishlist post, putting it out there and declaring that by the Grace of God I'll have them or something better at a point very soon, I'll try to keep this to 10 items or under. ... To start with.

So here goes!

1. All manner of Makeup Revolution Products, but mainly eye-shadows and Highlighters.
Credit: Maliha Rao (Google+)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Lip Art Attempt 1

Helloooooooo again!

I was doing looks for my Trini Carnival Ad Poster and thought why the hell not try some lip art with my new lippies. So here goes!
Inspiration pic beneath.