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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Arlene Villarule Eye-shadow Review & Swatch

A little background,
"Arlene Villarule is a local MUA in Trinidad & Tobago who has her own makeup line. She has been and worked internationally and has been trained under the Giorgio Armani line of cosmetics. For more info on her and her background and particulars, click HERE!"
As you can see, the packaging is a very simple black housing for a single eye-shadow. The housing snaps shut at the front and the cover is a black sticker with her name and logo in white font. The  shadow inside is removable.

As far as I know, this colour does not have a specific name as there is none on the packaging nor beneath the pan of the actual shadow, which in my opinion is a bit of a peeve. Instead of me saying "Well go look for the deep pomegranate-y reddish one that when swatched looks sorta like bruised fruit," it'd be nice to say well the shade is called '#--- so so so'.

I'm not sure, but this may be the only shade in her range that is this particular shade so it shouldn't be hard to spot. In the event that it isn't, however, thereby my issue with naming is further propagated.
This particular shadow is of a matte formula and a very unique and beautiful deep pomegranate/cranberry/goji berry sort of shade. This is actually the first shadow to call out to me, because I love these types of shades. Very reminiscent of fall/autumn, vampy, Bordeaux, Merlot sorta vibes.
I have to admit, when I first swatched this at the kiosk I was literally dumbstruck for a sec at just how dry the texture of the shadow was. I told myself maybe it got a layer of "set crust" over it due to oils of people's fingers who have swatched before me, 'cuz it actually felt like it was scraping my fingertip. But when I looked at my finger, there the colour was. So I took the chance that maybe my own personal shadow wouldn't feel like that.

Thus, I bought it, took it home and swatched it and there it was! That ridiculously dry texture but it swatched so pigmented and full on. I used it with a brush and it went on beautiful and pigmented, blended beautifully and relatively easily depending on what else it was used with. I wonder if you get my awe at the disconnect between texture and usability, lol. The texture on the finger is off-putting, but on the eye with a brush is beautiful! It's so weird, 'cuz I don't think I've ever touched a shadow this dry since my Tres Belle Cosmetique re-branded palette.

All that said simply to say that I intend to go back to get a couple more of her shadows, including this beautiful bronze I saw that is metallic/shimmer finish. The texture of this matte shadow still weirds me out but it does what it's supposed to and I love it so I will be purchasing more.

If you are interested, this was TT$50 at her kiosk in Trincity Mall and she does have a website,, but they don't offer the single shadows on there.


Here are some looks using this eye-shadow.

Smudged into black liner on the upper & lower lash lines.
Used in the crease, blended until halfway in & outer lower lash line.
Used to define the suspended red crease.

See y'all in my next review and swatchfest! Stay safe and God Bless!

*** Disclaimer!
This product was bought with my own money. All opinions expressed herein this post are my own, and honest.

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