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Monday, 18 April 2016

L. A. Colors Glam Palette, 18 Color Eyeshadow - Shady Lady

Hey again guys! Back with another post and this one is complimentary to the previous. Today I'm posting about the Shady Lady Glam Palette from L.A.Colors that I used to create the look in my previous post.
To see my thoughts and get a brief Overview of this Palette, keep reading!

This palette consists of different shades of blues, greens, taupe and a pale gold. Comes with 18 colours as the name says in little trios with a tire tread design embossed into it. The way this palette is laid about is very eye-catching, especially if you are into these shades. 

So points for presentation in that aspect. The shadows are quite small though in comparison to the average makeup brush so you need to be careful not to catch a shadow next door. 

Let's get into the swatches because I was very pleasantly surprised by a lot of them. We'll go from Left to Right on the first row and then the second.
The first trio consists of a matte baby blue, shimmery lavender/silvery taupe and a very dark, shimmery navy with a black base. I actually love all the colours in this trio. 

Some of the shimmery shades in this palette and, by extension, this row have the consistency of pressed pigments. The navy in this trio has that pressed pigment consistency.
The second trio in this row consists of a medium blue with a hint of a violet undertone (almost blurple {blue-purple}), a medium, aqua blue and a medium, yellowy-green though the yellow doesn't show much. The first and last colours in this trio are very beautiful, unique shades.

All the shadows in this trio are shimmery and have that pressed pigment consistency, but more so that violet-blue. 
The last trio in this first row consists of two shimmery periwinkle shades, the first more blue and the second more lavender; though you can barely see from the swatches. The last shade is another shimmery, dark navy but with more of a slate/charcoal/grey undertone.

All the shades in this trio are of that pressed pigment consistency as you can see; they have more of a flaky texture and the periwinkles are my favourite.
On to the first trio of the second row. This row consists of a shimmery baby blue, a shimmery, silvery/taupe lavender and a medium, shimmery cobalt.

The taupe shade has that flaky, pressed pigment texture and is my favourite of this trio.
This second to last trio consists of a medium, shimmery turquoise, another shimmery medium aqua though this shade leads more blue as opposed to the previous that leans a bit more green. The last shade is a dark, rich, shimmery sapphire blue.

I love all the shades in this trio but that sapphire has my heart hands down and it has that pressed pigment texture as well!
And finally, the last trio! I had a bit of trouble photographing this for that pale gold. The first  shade is a shimmery, pale, buttery-yellow gold though you can't tell from the swatch. The second shade is a light, shimmery, olive green and the last shade is a shimmery, hunter green.

The hunter green in this trio leans more toward that pressed pigment texture but not completely.
As you can see, you get 19.8g of shadow in this palette, which sums to 1.1g per eyeshadow and I paid TT$18 which is about $1 per eyeshadow.

Cause for concern though is that it does contain methyl and propylparaben and while it was designed in the USA it was made in China so it isn't necessarily cruelty free. Which concerns me a lot but I didn't notice before I purchased, sadly.
Here's a look that I created using mostly colours from this palette. For the full product list, except brows and skin, click this link Shady Lady Smokey Eye

I hope you enjoyed this Overview and stay tuned for the next two palettes. I really do enjoy most of these shadows and look forward to using them some more. So until the next post, stay safe and God bless!


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