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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lippie Love #1 - Feat. Nabi, Rimmel, City Color & L.A.Girl

Hello again! 
So I had my Bronzer Love kick and now I'm on my Lippie Love Kick ... 
As you can obviously tell! 
I won these in a bet I made with my ♥♡♥ so I'm here to show 'em off plus one extra.
So keep reading to see the swatches!

   Okay so this first one is the one extra that had nothing to do with the bet. This is Citycolor's Be Matte Lipstick in the shade Elizabeth, which is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Lipstick in the shade Steady Going.
   I had no idea that this would be so bright! It's a neon, cool-toned, Barbie pink that really pops on my darker skin. Not for the faint of heart.
Base Liner: Jordana Lip Liner in Sexy Mauve
Perimeter Liner: Jordana Lip Liner in Burgundy
   This gorgeous nude above is Nabi Cosmetics' Matte Lipstick in the shade Matte Dark Beige. I saw this on one of my impulse buys while waiting for my bounty after winning the bet LOL and I knew I had to have it.
   It's a beautiful mid-tone, brownish-peach nude on a darker skin. Perfect for an understated, warm-toned, nude lip look.
Base Liner: L.A. Colors Lip Liner in Natural
Perimeter Liner: Jordana Lip Liner in Auburn
   Oh my! This lip colour here is definitely a love of mine! Stunning peachy-nude lip shade; and on a brown girl it's on the lighter side so this can be more a statement-nude lip. This one is also from Nabi and it's called Matte Nutmeg.
Base Liner: L.A.Colors Lip Liner in Natural
Perimeter Liner: Jordana Lip Liner in Auburn
   This shade is also something I didn't think I'd like but turns out I love. Another statement-nude lip on a brown chick, this one is by L.A.Girl Cosmetics. It's their Glazed Lip Paint in the shade Elude. 
   This is definitely one of those shades that brown girls should stay away from if they don't know how to rock it. The texture of these is so interesting to me, I'm still not fully accustomed to it yet.
Base Liner: L.A.Girl Lip Liner in Natural Creme
Perimeter Liner: Jordana Lip  Liner in Auburn
   Last but certainly not least is a definite favourite! This lippie is from Rimmel's Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Collection in the shade 110. When I popped the tube open to view this shade I HAD to have it! It was right up my colour alley and I have other lippies from this line so I knew I'd love the formula.
   This is a stunning darker reddish-coral shade that still manages to be somewhat neon and has a moisturizing matte finish that lasts for hours without eating. I love this shade beyond words, I have nothing else like it in my collection.
Base Liner: Random Light Red Lip Liner
Perimeter Liner: Jordana Lip Liner in Burgundy

That's it for this initial Lippie Love Post. (^_^) I have more lippies that I hauled which I intend to post about soon. So stay tuned for that!
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Stay safe & God Bless!

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