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Sunday, 2 August 2015

(Max Makeup) Cherimoya Ménage à trois Trio: Field Day

 Hey hey, back with another overview for you guys. Yep, I bought another one. Today's star is the 
Cherimoya Ménage à Trois Eyeshadow Trio Palette in Field Day.
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As you can see the packaging is pretty basic white with the company name emblazoned on the front in silver and further info in the back. Clear lid so you can see the product inside and it comes with a little double-sided brush that I've already thrown away.
This one I tried because it had a relatively nice mix of a neutral, a bright and a lighter shade. So I get to try different finishes, rather than committing to a palette with a bunch of brights, per say; where I'm not sure to like it.
Also too, unlike the last time, I have already tried this palette and used it at least once at the time I'm publishing this post.
So let's get into these colours, shall we! First up, we have a medium brown with a satin finish. In the swatch, it looks sort of neutral in tone, not too warm not too cool, but I layered it over a warmer shade in the crease and it took on what appeared to be a cooler appearance. So, I'll have to play around with it a bit more.
Next up we have a medium lime green shade, also with satin finish. All the shades in this palette are satin finish BTW. Not the most practical but it is what it is.
That's actually one of the things that frustrate me about these palettes, the colour combinations aren't the most practical.
Lastly, we have their colour splash shade which is the combination of a sky/baby blue and a cool-toned grey-ish shade, which will inevitably lighten the overall colour that comes off the product. It's such a weird but interesting combo, but it works so ... *that thing about sleeping dogs* ... lol.
Here are the swatches, dry with no base. I had really high hopes for this palette, if I have to be completely honest. In all fairness I will try to use it a couple more times before I form a final verdict but so far I'm pretty disappointed.
Unlike the first one I picked up, this one was difficult to work with. So I'll get back to y'all on this.
As with the previous palette, I will produce an accompanying look to follow this palette using all the colours as well as others from my collection. So stay tuned for that, and I'll see y'all in the next one.

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