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Saturday, 5 July 2014

*~>>| Intro to my blog |<<~*

Hi hi wherever you are in the world reading this and welcome to the official blog of "Bellisima Lolita Makeup". The purpose of this post is mainly to get the blog started and serve as a little background on what I intend to do on here. Hope you find it insightful, follow and stay tuned for more!

My (nick)name is Layla but ofttimes I may refer to myself as "Loli" (short for "Lolita") on here as well as in my YouTube vids. I'm bi-residential, Trinidad and the US. I'm in my early twenties, soon to be 22 at the time I am writing this. I'm currently attending University and studying Engineering and I do Freelance Makeup Artistry on the side. I currently use a Casio Exilim Camera to film my vids and most of my vids may be with music because I'm kinda awkward talking to the camera; and my camera is on shit so there's no audio to account for. So please bear with me, I intend to try doing voice overs soon once I can get back to filming.

The reason I've restarted a blog is because FB doesn't have all the capabilities I thought I'd need to get certain content out to my audience. I feel that I may be able to do more on here so I hope you enjoy.

What you can expect from me on here are as follows:

  • Makeup Tutorials. Step by step as well as video tutorials.


  • Product Reviews, Hauls

  • Inspiration from other artists

... Basically anything makeup related!

My social media links are as follows:
I hope we both enjoy this experience and until my next post, stay safe and God bless!


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