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Sunday, 13 July 2014

`*~ Spring/Summer Brights ~*`

Hello again! Here to post another feature of mine from

A little background,
"I was contacted on April 28th 2014 on Twitter by someone on CO+K saying they'd love to feature me on their site as a beauty superstar. After verifying that it wasn't spam I gladly obliged! I was informed that it would be a week long feature, a different makeup look for each day for 7 days. An interview questionnaire was also sent to me while we conversed over emails. Cat was very friendly and helpful during this time as well. My first feature goes/went live as of July 7th 2014, a link to the site is posted below."
Link to my feature on CO+K

This is the look we'll be creating today:

What you'll need:

  1. Eye shadow Primer
  2. Eye shadow Base
  3. Vanilla Eye shadow (matte/satin)
  4. Reddish-brown Eye shadow (matte)
  5. Orange Eye shadow (matte)
  6. Bright, Fuchsia Pink Eye shadow (matte)
  7. Pearlescent Yellow Eye shadow
  8. Medium Purple Eye shadow (matte/satin)
  9. Black Pencil/Gel Liner
  10. Mascara

Let's get started shall we!

Step 1:
Start by filling in your brows with a fun, bright, unnatural colour of your choosing. This colour must contrast the colours on your upper eyelid but compliment the colour you use on your lower lash line. Apply your base and primer to your eyelid. Apply a vanilla shade onto your brow bone to highlight and blend lightly toward the crease. Apply a reddish-brown eye shadow onto the crease and blend well with vanilla shadow.

Steps 2 & 3:
Apply a matte orange eye shadow onto the crease and blend well into the reddish-brown shadow, this will help the transition of colours to follow. Apply a bright, fuchsia pink directly into the crease and blend the edges well where it transitions to orange as shown.

Step 4:
Apply the matte orange shadow to the inner and outer third of the eyelid, leaving the center free of colour. Apply the bright pink to the inner and outer corner of the lid, over top the orange but make sure you can still see both colours. Apply a pearlescent yellow eye shadow to the center of the lid. Blend where all shadows meet.

Step 5:
Apply black/purple pencil liner too the lower lash line and smudge using a brush/finger. Apply a medium, shimmery/satin purple eye shadow over top the liner and blend the edges. Drag the purple at the outer corner up to meet the bright pink in the outer corner.

Step 6:
Apply a pearlescent gold eye shadow to the tear duct area and blend well where shadows meet. Line the upper lash line with black pencil liner as close to the lash line and as thin as possible; this line should not be obvious. Line the lower and upper waterline with the black liner. Apply mascara on top and bottom lashes and VOILA!

Change up the eye shadow colours to vary the look if you wish and let me know how you like it. Hope you enjoyed this step tutorial and try it out. Stay tuned for the rest of looks in the feature as well as other posts.

Stay safe and God Bless!


*** Links to other looks will be made clickable as the different looks are featured & will be in every post related to the feature ***

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