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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Kleancolor Bronzer Matte - Luna

 Hey again! Back with another beauty product overview. This time it's the Kleancolor Matte Bronzer (New) in Luna. Don't forget to LIKE & SHARE!

I have been waiting for this to be available in Trinidad for MONTHS now! And it's finally here and people be buying it out, like wth. That and I'm broke. I be scrunting to pick these up, for real though. Anyway ..
 So if you are familiar with their original Bronzers you are already familiar with the packaging, the only difference is the formula and use of the product.
 Luna is the darkest of the three shades, the prior two are called Sol and Estrellas. This shade is a deep reddish/earthy orange shade as you can see from the swatches. Definitely in that shade range of if you got a bit sunkissed, the natural hue your skin would take on, granted you are medium to dark in complexion.
 Here I have swatched on the back of my palm and the inside of my wrist to show what it would look like on two different skin tones.
I'm a bit darker than usual at the moment, Trinidad sun these days are NO joke, smh.
I can't see this doing much for someone really dark in the way of warming up and adding colour to the skin very much. If however, this looks like something you'd be interested in that you think would suit your complexion, have at it!

I can't wait to try it out on myself and others! So far I've only swatched. Hope you enjoyed this brief post and see you on the next one. Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE!!! Stay safe & God Bless.



  1. Thanks for this! I was super curious of seeing a swatch of this color and this post helped immensely. It seems it won't be dark enough for my purposes.

    1. No problem Hun. Glad I could help. Hope you DO find what you need though.